Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blessing Chain Update

Sunday night, we made our first "blessings chain". The evening went very well, although at first the kids complained of being tired.

But then I brought out a bowl of paper strips and talked for a minute about how blessed we really are in this family, explained the task was to write each of your blessings on a strip of paper, form them into a chain, and the person with the longest chain would win the right to choose the board game we would all play.

Boy did the kids come to life! It was nice to see everyone in a contest to see who could be more 'blessed' than the others. After we completed our chains (used up all the paper strips I had made - even had to make more during the event!), we all shared what we had written. Everybody had one or two that made us all go "oo yeah", such as "No one in our family is disabled", "I am not alone in this world", "I live in America", and more.

Joshua was the winner by far, and he chose the game of Sorry! which we all played. We had pudding with whipped cream for desert. And the blessing chain will go around the outside of our Christmas tree to remind us of all the good things we already have.

It was a great evening and one we decided would be come our own holiday tradition!

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